Milling Products

We process and mill maize with the aim of promoting nutrition and vitality to households and the public in general.

Our Source

We started the innovative UPP Grain Millers under a Sustainability Program which reaches back to the farm level. The Smallholder Farmer program seeks to recruit, develop and transact with emerging farmers, offering support and mentorship to ensure that the farms themselves are sustainable and offer a market for their produce.That’s why we proudly buy our maize directly from growers we know and trust. This aims at creating income levels in households amongst our communities.

Our Milling Process

Our milling process is consistent to conventional maize processing. In this regard, the interaction of each step is crucial to ensure ideal results. Intake and cleaning removes impurities, defected material and fungal contaminations. Degermination efficiently separates bran, germ and endosperm for subsequent milling. UPP’s seamless integration of each single process flows into a fully integrated overall process, from the raw material to the end product, thus ensuring maximum yield, food safety and product quality.

  • Maize Flour
  • Wimbi
  • Wheat Flour

Healthy and Nutritious maize flour for your entire family and community.

Enjoy delicious porridge with our nutritious wimbi flour. Sip your porridge to the last drop.

Our wholesome wheat flour meets your baking needs to the fullest. Bring your kitchen to life with our line of wheat flour.

Milling Products

We have a range of milling products that brings nutrition to a whole new level. We’ve put into consideration every households’ expectations when it comes to enjoying an all round wholesome meal.

Quality Control Process

  1. Cleaning
    The cleaning objective is clear: To increase the quality of the finished products and process reliability. The delivered raw grain is reliably separated from contaminations. This includes, e.g., foreign seeds, stones, metals and dust, as well as harmful substances, such as mycotoxins.

  2. Grinding

    Grinding is the heart of our milling process: At this point, the endosperm is separated from hull and germ and processed to flour. This is realized through multiple interactions of roller mills and different sieves.
    The grains are milled and sieved after every roller mill using sifters. Individual particles are separated based on their size using a circular motion. Efficiency and food safety are of utmost importance here as well. Our plansifters feature high dynamic acceleration for an outstanding sifting efficiency. They enable high capacity in the smallest space possible.

  3. Precise weighing, dosing, and mixing

    The batch mixer allows fast and homogeneous mixing of flour. This is done to meet customer requirements.

  4. Bagging and Loading

    In the last step, finished products are shipped in bulk or in bags. Efficiency, accurate filling weights, and food safety are important here as well.